Testimonial: MedViron Rise II Bassinet

Testimonial: medViron Rise II Bassinet

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"Best for Functionality, Sturdiness, Cleanability"

“When we began our search for new bassinets here in the Family Birth Center, we knew we wanted a product that was made from a material that would be easy to clean and maintain, but at the same time, we did not want to lose the cozier look of wooden furniture. Staff were also interested in getting a product that could be raised and lowered, to better suit both patient and nursing needs.

We trialed 3 different products and the medViron Rise II Bassinets were by far the best in functionality, sturdiness, and cleanability. Our team liked the 1-drawer option because it provided just enough room for diapers, wipes, and a reasonable number of linens, but also kept the overall weight light and easy to maneuver in hallways. The “Summer Flame” KYDEX finish that we chose looks great in our cozy birth center rooms and shows no signs of wear with cleanings. The pass-through work surface and pull-through drawer functionality make newborn care (from all angles) easier for both patients and staff, especially in some of our smaller rooms.

The representative we worked with made ordering easy and took the time to explain all the available options.

If you are looking for a quality, long-lasting product to keep both staff and patients happy, I would highly recommend the medViron line of bassinets.”

Thank you,

Abby Butler, MSN, RNC-OB Director of Nursing, Women’s Services  
Morgantown, WV


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