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Case Study: McLaren Fetal Monitor Carts

In December 2017, McLaren Greater Lansing in Michigan announced the consolidation of its two Lansing area hospitals into a new $450 million campus. MedViron bassinets and overbed tables were selected for the new facility.

Originally, a competitor’s fetal monitor carts were selected. Within the year, McLaren realized there was a problem: the monitor cart first selected did not fit between the bed and other storage. They would need a cart tailor made for their maternity suites.

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MedViron Rise2 Bassinet in Bright White

Testimonial: MedViron Rise II Bassinet

Testimonial: medViron Rise II Bassinet “Best for Functionality, Sturdiness, Cleanability” “When we began our search for new bassinets here in the Family Birth Center, we knew we wanted a product that was made from a material that would be easy to clean and maintain, but at the same time, we did not want to lose the cozier look of wooden

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