Winner of the 2022 Best Healthcare Solution

 – I&S Designs

MedViron products change the product standards in each of their categories:  easier to use, easier to clean, and made to last.

When we say designed with care for care, we mean that every user will feel and benefit from the quality, thoughtful design, and applied technology that goes into our products – from hospital administration to the nursing staff and from the patient to the maintenance and environmental services crews.

We understand that your work is hard. We create products to make your work easier — easy to use, easy to clean.

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MedViron's Lookbook 2024

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Our Mission

Design and manufacture high quality healthcare equipment

Products designed to assist in expeditious and thorough cleaning aid in the all-important quest to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Innovative design along with quality materials and workmanship make for products that incorporate ease of use for patient and caregiver satisfaction.

who we are

Above all, we care.

We care about developing the highest quality products in our categories, and we care about making the job providing care as easy as possible.

At medViron, we believe that when everyone wins, everyone wins!

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