Maternity Carts

“After an extensive remodel of a large childbirth center, our unit needed new bassinets, delivery tables, overbed tables, and computer carts to hold fetal monitors and a dual monitor screen. I evaluated multiple products from different vendors and did in-hospital trials of all major brands.

The brand that significantly stood out above its competitors was medViron. The quality of construction, easy mobility, and beautiful design made medViron the clear favorite among our staff.

It has now been over 3 years that we have been using the above products on our unit. All items have surpassed my expectations.  There is not a single chip in any item, and the clear inserts in the bassinets are all intact. The carts have no dents or dings, and every item still looks brand new.

I do not hesitate to continue to recommend these products to any facility.”

Nursing Unit Manager
A hospital in the Pacific Northwest



Rise Bassinets

“I am writing a testimonial regarding our journey to finding the perfect bassinet. We trialed three other bassinets and were not excited at the possibility of having the bassinets for our families. It was luck that we came across your bassinet when we did. One of our labor and delivery nurses was searching for bassinets because we were not satisfied with the options we had at that point, and she came across yours. That very same day unrelated to our search Todd emailed me information about your bassinet. It was meant to be. Todd was super responsive and very informative; he is a fabulous rep to work with and you can tell he feels very passionate and believes in the products he sells.

The first bassinet we trialed was (competitor #1). The bassinet was somewhat complicated to use. The staff and housekeeping would need to be educated on how to use/clean the bassinets. From the infection prevention aspect, the bassinet seemed hard to clean, many crevices. We were also worried the metal handle would damage the walls. When pushing the bassinet down the hall you had to have it on the correct stirring mode, or it would swivel side to side.

The second bassinet that we trialed was (competitor #2) It was very compact, the mattress was very well made and thick, easy to clean, sat low to the floor so the patient could be at the baby’s level. The storage compartment was on the bottom of the bassinet which would be hard for news moms to retrieve items.

The third bassinet was the (competitor #3). This was by far the least liked bassinet. It was extremely large and cumbersome, difficult to maneuver, very awkward.  Multiple parts made through cleaning difficult, to many moving parts. Extremally difficult to push down the hall, could not have anything else in your hands while pushing this bassinet.

The final bassinet that we trialed was the MedViron bassinet. We were extremely happy the MedViron bassinet because it was most like the one, we are replacing, easy to maneuver, easy to clean with removable drawers and smooth surfaces, ample storage, adjustable height for the ease of the pt. Has a 5-year warranty. Made with KYDEX giving them superior durability. Optional drop leaf surface provides extra space for changing supplies and medical procedures.

Your company has been very accommodating in designing the perfect bassinet for our birthing center. We are very excited to get them on our unit.

Nurse Manager
Eastern Michigan

Rise II Bassinets

“When we began our search for new bassinets here in the Family Birth Center, we knew we wanted a product that was made from a material that would be easy to clean and maintain, but at the same time, we did not want to lose the cozier look of wooden furniture. Staff were also interested in getting a product that could be raised and lowered, to better suit both patient and nursing needs. We trialed 3 different products and the medViron Rise II Bassinets were by far the best in functionality, sturdiness, and cleanability.

Our team liked the 1-drawer option because it provided just enough room for diapers, wipes, and a reasonable number of linens, but also kept the overall weight light and easy to maneuver in hallways.

The “Summer Flame” KYDEX finish that we chose looks great in our cozy birth center rooms and shows no signs of wear with cleanings.

The pass-through work surface and pull-through drawer functionality make newborn care (from all angles) easier for both patients and staff, especially in some of our smaller rooms.

The representative we worked with made ordering easy and took the time to explain all the available options.

If you are looking for a quality, long-lasting product to keep both staff and patients happy, I would highly recommend the medViron line of bassinets.”

Director of Nursing, Women’s Services
Morgantown, WV 


Overbed Tables

“The three reasons why we changed our overbed table standard to MedViron are: design simplicity, durability, and ease of use. 

We came across this product at a tradeshow right before making final selections for a large FF&E project. The team that was able to review the table consisted of the FF&E designers/specifiers and the head nursing staff. The group was thoroughly impressed with the simple design of the base and top. The entire surface was one material, and the smooth design of the base met our infection control guidelines. It was easy to activate the table mechanism and move the table around the space. The ease of the table edge to contain liquids was a bonus. The group unanimously agreed on the spot that the spec would be changed for the new 368 bed hospital and would start to replace other tables in the old 230 bed hospital. ”

Senior Project Manager Interior Design
University hospital, Northern California