MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet, Utah Hospital Trial

Maternity nurses review new height-adjustable bassinet

For a hospital equipment manufacturer engaged in product trials at many healthcare facilities, nothing is better than receiving positive responses from patients and caregivers. That is exactly what happened when nursing staff at a hospital in Utah began a trial of the MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet.

Infant caregivers were asked to fill out a survey on a range of criteria, including ease of activation, mobility, as well as ergonomics. 

One caregiver, Michelle, told us she "liked the look".  Another caregiver at the hospital, Chelsea, put simply “Love it!!!”.   All written comments were positive.

Below is a list of the questions asked with the number of type of responses given. 

We here at MedViron are thrilled with the positive impact we are having on patient care. Thank you to the hardworking nurses for your feedback, and thank you for being willing to try out the MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet.

Height Adjustable Bassinet Evaluation

Functionality Total Yes Total No Total N/A
Do you like having the ability to tilt tub/basket (Trendelenburg positioning) for the baby’s needs? 13 0 0
Does the drop leaf work surface(s) provide adequate space for caregiver’s needs? 13 0 0
Do you like having locking casters? 10 2 1
Is height adjustability a desirable attribute? 11 2 0
Is it worth to pay more for height adjustability? 10 2 1
Do you feel the tub/basket helps with the accessibility to the baby? 12 1 0
Do you feel the overall bassinet design allows you to work more closely to the baby? 12 0 1
Ease of Use      
Is the bassinet easy to move? 13 0 0
Do you think the bassinet is easy to adjust? 13 0 0
Is there an opportunity to hit your shins while moving the bassinet? 4 9 0
Are pass-thru drawers convenient for both caregivers and patient? 13 0 0
 Infection Prevention      
Do you think this bassinet could be easily cleaned? 13 0 0
Are removable drawer liners important for easy cleaning and better infection prevention? 10 1 2
Do you find the bassinet aesthetically pleasing? 13 0 0
Is a “wood” look something you and/or patient over traditional white or stainless steel look? 13 0 0
Is bassinet quiet while in motion? 13 0 0
Would you recommend for use in your facility? 13 0 0
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