MedViron Guardian Bassinet – infant tub cleaning test

After the purchase of MedViron Guardian Bassinets, Gundersen Health System expressed concern about the cleaning instructions on the bassinet’s infant tub.  These instructions are the instructions from the manufacturer of the material that goes into making the MedViron bassinet tub which MedViron is simply passing along. 

MedViron purchased the disinfectant cleaner used by the Gundersen Health facility, Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate, to test on the bassinet tub material which is known as PETG.  Below is the method and results of the test which started at 4:30 pm on 4/24/19 and concluded approximately 8:30 am 4/25/19.

Oxivir Five 16 was purchased for the test. The Oxivir concentrate was diluted with water at a 1:16 ratio in a spray bottle per the instructions. 

A bassinet tub was taken from inventory and 4” x 4” sample pieces were cut from the sides of the tub.   

Four samples pieces were placed on a cardboard sheet with the label of 5 minutes (which is the wait time per the instructions), 10 minutes (double the wait time), 30 minutes (an excessive wait time) and overnight.  The Oxivir solution was applied to the sample pieces. 

When the 5 minute sample piece was wiped down, there was no visible effect.   To simulate multiple cleanings the Oxivir solution was applied and wiped off four more times.  Still there was no visible effect.  When the 10 minute sample piece was wiped down, there was no visible effect, and when the 30 minute sample piece was wiped down, there was no visible effect. 

In the morning, the Oxivir solution had dried on the sample piece. The residue on the overnight sample piece was wiped off. There was no visible effect.  

Our conclusion is that Oxivir Five 16 when diluted per the manufacturer’s instructions, does not seem to have a negative effect to the optical clarity of the MedViron bassinet tub.

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