MedViron 32” Overbed Table Evaluation, Iowa Hospital

Nurses Give Great Reviews from Iowa hospital

MedViron 32'' Overbed Table

For a hospital equipment manufacturer engaged in product trials at many healthcare facilities, nothing is better than receiving positive responses from patients and caregivers. That is what happened when nursing staff at a hospital in Waterloo, IA  began a trial of the MedViron 32” Overbed Table.

Nursing staff were asked to fill out a survey on a range of criteria, including ease of activation, mobility and ergonomics. We were thrilled with their responses.

Julie told us her patient loved the MedViron 32” Overbed Table so much he was “sad when they changed back to the current model”.

The praise did not end there.  Hannah wrote, “easy to use- not hard to push around or move up and down- very smooth”.

Another caregiver at the hospital, Irmela, put simply “User friendly”. These three positive examples are a few of many received from this hospital.

Nurses were asked to rate the overbed table from 1 to 5 using evaluation criteria listed below.  We received all 5’s from all of the nurses.

We here at MedViron are thrilled with the positive impact we are having on patient care. Thank you to the hospital for your feedback, and thank for being willing to tryout The MedViron 32" Overbed Table.

Overbed table evaluation criteria

Nurses were asked to rate the MedViron 32" Overbed Table from 1 to 5 using evaluation criteria listed below. We received all 5’s from all of the nurses.

Ease of raising and lowering top surface 5
Stability of table 5
Quietness of column operation 5
Comfort of edge surface 5
Ability to slide under the bed 5
Perceived quality and durability 5
Ergonomics of low table height with a person sitting in a chair 5
Easily cleaned? 5
Would you recommend for use in your facility? 5
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