Medical Carts and Tables | MedViron


Roam provides an easily height adjustable work surface for healthcare caregivers. Useful in patient or exam rooms, Roam provides a laptop, tablet or writing surface that rolls smoothly around the room, or from one exam room to the next. Roam is durable and built to last. Roam's easy-to-clean, seamless surface withstands tough hospital cleaning solutions.

Height-Adjustable Medical Cart

The Medviron Height-Adjustable Medical Cart is immediately recognizable because of its unique Starboard top work surface with integrated push handles on both sides.

Height Adjustable Procedure Table

The MedViron Height-Adjustable Medical Procedure Table is a great choice for caregivers who require a quick transition from sitting to standing, as well as those who prefer a work surface that doesn’t require electricity to raise or lower.

Medical Equipment Storage Carts

Features a large KYDEX thermoplastice work surface with spill containment edge, and four large removable drawer tubs. 

Infusion Therapy Patient Stand

The Infusion Therapy Patient Stand can be used to store patients’ personal items during treatments. The open design keeps items visible and accessible, and the cabinet’s three shelves can be removed for easy cleaning.

Medication & Supply Cart

Each drawer has a removable plastic drawer tub for ease of cleaning to facilitate infection prevention.