Hospital Maternity Furniture and Equipment

Guardian Rise Bassinet

The Guardian Rise Bassinet ships fully assembled and ready to use in your hospital's Labor and Delivery Department.  The Guardian Rise features four height adjustment handles, one in each corner, that can be used independently to raise or lower the Bassinet's surface height.

Guardian Bassinets

Guardian Bassinets offer the durability of KYDEX® thermoplastic on all horizontal surfaces and are intended for use in hospital Labor and Delivery departments. Combine with the Guardian Delivery Carts and the Guardian Fetal Monitor Work Station to make a complete suite of maternity furniture.

Guardian Delivery Cart

Designed to accompany the Guardian Bassinet, the Guardian Delivery Carts offer the durability of KYDEX thermoplastic on all horizontal surfaces. Dual drop-leaf top expands caregiver workspace when needed.  Fully assembled and ready to use on arrival at your facility.

Height Adjustable Delivery Cart

The MedViron Height Adjustable Delivery Cart’s ergonomic design facilitates access to equipment and tools used in hospital maternity environments. Fully assembled and ready to use on arrival at your facility.

Fetal Monitor Work Station

The MedViron Fetal Monitor Work Station’s design facilitates bedside documentation, fetal monitoring, and the storage and organization of equipment and supplies allowing clinicians to focus on the care of mothers and their babies.  Monitor and screen mounting arm not included.

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