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The MedViron Height-Adjustable Medical Procedure Table is a great choice for caregivers who require a quick transition from sitting to standing, as well as those who prefer a work surface that doesn’t require electricity to raise or lower.

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Top: 35in wide x 19in deep (89 cm x 48 cm)
Low Height: 29.5in (76 cm)
High height: 45.5in (116 cm)

Part Numbers:

  • M08-0001-K745 Walnut
  • M08-0001-K050 Natural Maple
  • M08-0001-K448 Honey Maple
  • M08-0001-K212 Summer Flame
  • M08-0001-K237 Eiderdown
  • M08-0001-K257 Bright White


  • Dual activation levers allow users to raise the table's surface with either left or right hand.
  • Durable construction with an attractive selection of colors.
  • User-side locking casters.
  • Easy-to-clean seamless KYDEX® surface.
  • MedViron’s superior pneumatic column offers smooth height adjustment and has been tested for 10,000 cycles with no effect on performance.
  • 5-year warranty on pneumatic spring.
  • Ships fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging.

Manufactured in the USA.


Doctors and nurses are constantly multi-tasking, combining physical activity with highly skilled knowledge and technology use. Physical actions performed from less than desirable positions or postures increase the risk of injury. Having work surface heights set at an appropriate level for a specific user can improve performance and the quality of patient care. 

Patient Satisfaction

Quiet, cleanliness and stress reduction are some of the most important aspects of improving patient perception of care. The  MedViron Height-Adjustable Medical Procedure Table has been designed to operate quietly, be easy to clean, and provide the look of natural wood. The calming effect of soft curves and the appearance of natural wood may lead to stress reduction and more positive patient experiences.

Durability and Longevity

Driven by smaller reimbursements and smaller budgets, healthcare equipment needs to last longer. Our patented height-adjustment columns offer superior strength, stability, and smooth height adjustment. Our columns have been tested for 10,000 cycles with no effect on performance, and we offer a 5-year warranty on the gas spring.

The MedViron Height-Adjustable Medical Procedure Table’s surface is thermofilmed with KYDEX® which is 4x thicker than standard thermofilm giving it superior impact strength and durability. KYDEX offers resistance to color degradation, UV light, heat exposure, dents, corrosion, and hospital cleaners and disinfectants. These factors combine to provide potential lower cost of ownership when compared to other less durable healthcare products.

Additional Information: KYDEX Case Study

Standard Colors

  • Top: standard wood grain or solid color
  • Column: anodized aluminum
  • Base: powder-coated steel, Arctic silver