ERGONOMICS:  The Guardian Rise Bassinet has four height adjustment handles (patent pending), one in each corner, that can be used independently to raise or lower the Bassinet's surface height.  Work surface heights set at an appropriate level for a specific caregiver can improve performance and the quality of patient care.  Also, the concave curves of the base panel allow caregivers to stand close to the work surface and get close to the newborn.


  • Environmental Services is critical for infection prevention. MedViron’s stainless steel push handle design makes the top surface area of the bassinet completely accessible for environmental services to clean.
  • The bassinet’s pass-thru drawers have rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Seamless horizontal and vertical panels can also aid in the ease of cleaning


  • MedViron’s patented aluminum columns offer superior strength, stability, and smooth height adjustment.
  • The pneumatic spring has a 5-year warranty.
  • The PETG plastic tub has 4 times greater impact resistance than acrylic tubs.
  • The bassinet utilizes KYDEX® for superior impact strength.
  • Pass-thru storage drawers are made with KYDEX® giving them superior durability.


  • Patent pending:  Four height adjustment handles, one in each corner, can be used independently to raise or lower bassinet height. 
  • Optional drop leaf surface(s) provide extra space for changing supplies and medical procedures.
  • Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning. 
  • Base panel design allows caregivers to get close to the infant.
  • Ships fully assembled in recyclable packaging.
  • Infant mattress included.


  • The MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet is available in 6 standard colors, please contact us first if you are considering a custom color.
  • The Guardian Rise can have 1 or 2 drop-leaf surfaces added as shown here.
  • Stainless steel bow pulls or black plastic inset pulls are available choices.

The MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet has two distinct parts, a tub with mattress which sits on top of a mobile 2-drawer storage cabinet.  Height adjustment levers are located in all 4 corners for ease of use, and optional drop-leaf work surfaces can be added to lengthen the top surface.

The MedViron Guardian Rise Bassinet’s modern design conveys the warmth of home while also implying competent, current, modern healthcare.

  • The functional design of the bassinet accommodates the care and transport of a newborn patient, the capability of Trendelenberg positioning of the bassinet’s tub, and the storage of care items for the infant.
  • The bassinet’s stainless steel push handles and all surface areas are easily accessible and easy to clean. The tub and handle design allow a clear view of the infant.
  • KYDEX® thermofilm has been used on all horizontal surfaces for impact resistance and durability.
  • The base panel has been designed to reduce the chances of caregivers hitting their shins while the bassinet is in motion or while caring for the infant. Also, the surface of the base panel is limited so that the newborn’s older siblings cannot use it as a step to get to the newborn.
  • No assembly required. Ships fully assembled in recyclable packaging.
  • The Guardian Rise Height-Adjustable Bassinet is compliant with new FDA labeling requirements. 

Easy height adjustment

Pass-thru drawers

Trendelenberg positioning

Drop leaf work surface

Locking caster

Easy to clean surface

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