Custom Healthcare Equipment Carts

Technology is constantly changing and there is a constant influx of new medical devices into the healthcare marketplace. When that new piece of equipment arrives at the hospital it is often lifesaving and beneficial, but a couple question always arise:

"Where are we going to keep this thing when we aren't using it?"

"How do I move this from one treatment area to another as fast as possible?"

MedViron wants to work with healthcare facilities and medical device manufactures to develop these solutions before problems arise. And we want you to know that we are developing medical equipment carts with infection control and ease of cleaning as a priority.

We have solutions for removable and easily washable drawers, durable top work surfaces, and also adjustable height surfaces that can be integrated into your custom cart design.

What options/features would you prefer?

  • Removable trays?
  • Maybe plastic storage tubs?
  • How about an adjustable height surface with a monitor arm?
  • Pullout keyboard trays?
  • Barcode scanner holder?
  • What about pass-thru drawers that can be opened from either side?

The possibilities are endless, so give us a shout and let us know what you need in your facility.

Remember, with custom products, the more you order the lower the individual unit price will be. Substantial savings begin at roughly 25 units, so consider carefully how many you need.

You can help us fight hospital acquired infections and help us design the next generation of healthcare equipment carts!

Please write to us and let us know what type of mobile medical equipment cart your facility needs.