How to Place an Order


Please call 1-844-633-8476 to speak directly to a member of our sales team!   Or you may email a customer service team member.

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If you are ready to place an order, please complete one of our product order forms. Send the completed form(s) with a copy of your purchase order to You may use the contact form on this webpage to upload your purchase order and completed forms if you need to. Remember, your purchase order must have the correct price for each item you are ordering and should include your MedViron quote number if you have one.

Please complete one (or more if necessary) of the forms listed so that you are certain you are sending us all of the information that we need. Please always make certain to include the color and the hardware style when you are sending us an order. This will speed up processing time.

If you are ordering more than one configuration or more than one color, you will need to complete multiple forms. For example: If you are ordering 100 overbed tables in Honey Maple and 100 overbed tables in Chocolate Pear, you will need 2 forms, one for each color. If you are ordering a dozen 3-drawer bedside cabinets and 2 dozen 1-drawer bedside cabinets, you will need to complete 2 forms, one for each configuration.

The lead time for casegoods is 4 weeks from the day we receive your purchase order(s). Lead time for custom products will be determined during the quoting process. The manufacturing facility has a customer-audited 99%+ on time delivery performance record.

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