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Guardian Bassinets offer the durability of KYDEX® thermoplastic on all horizontal surfaces and are intended for use in hospital Labor and Delivery departments.  Combine with the Guardian Delivery Carts and the Guardian Fetal Monitor Work Station to make a complete suite of maternity furniture.

Front view of the Guardian Bassinet

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  • Pull out chartboard / documentation tray
  • Clear chart holder


  • Handle height: 36in (92 cm)
  • Surface height: 30in (76 cm)
  • Cabinet width: 34in (86 cm)
  • Cabinet depth: 21.75in (53 cm)
  • Weight: 112lbs (51 kg)
  • Mattress Dimensions: 12.5in wide x 26in long


  • Designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance, with infection prevention of paramount importance, Guardian Bassinets are constructed of the highest quality materials and designed for long-lasting durability with warm wood-grain finishes.
  • The Guardian Bassinet accommodates the care and transport of an infant patient, the capability of Trendelenberg positioning of the bassinet's infant tub, and the storage of care items for the newborn patient.
  • The Guardian Bassinet has two distinct parts, a plastic tub with mattress which sits on top of a mobile wood storage cabinet with drawers.  The bassinet offers a warm design and finishes so as to convey the warmth of home and also to imply competent, current, modern healthcare.
  • The Guardian Bassinet can be manufactured with an optional plastic chart holder and also an optional pull-out documentation trays.
  • The Guardian Bassinet is intended to be sold to and for use by professionally licensed staff and facilities caring for the labor and delivery of children.
  • The Guardian Bassinet has been designed and manufactured under and to all pertaining ISO 13485 standards and is compliant with the new FDA Labeling requirements.


  • The Guardian Bassinet features stainless steel push handles which allow a greater view of the infant than other bassinets. The push handle design eliminates hard to get to areas to make all surface areas accessible and easy to clean for environmental services.
  •  Hooks on either end of the PETG tub are designed to accommodate Trendelenberg and Reverse Trendelenberg positions. The hooks on the exterior of the bassinet tub engage the stainless steel rods on the stainless push handles.
  • Guardian Bassinets have thermofilmed drawer fronts.
  • The bassinet has full extension drawer slides with anti-tip mechanism.
  • Guardian Bassinets have removable drawer liners for easy cleaning.
  • A groove in the optional pull-out chartboard keeps items from rolling off.
  • The Guardian Bassinet's base panel was designed to reduce the chances of caregivers hitting their shins, and the newborn's siblings using the base as a step to view the newborn.
  • The Guardian Bassinet comes standard with two 5" locking and two 5" non-locking swivel poly casters.


  • The Guardian Bassinet is manufactured with KYDEX® on all horizontal surfaces for durability including top, base panel and chartboard. KYDEX® is 4x thicker than standard thermofilm giving it superior impact strength and durability, and it is certified GREENGUARD® Gold for Children and Schools. KYDEX withstands degradation from a wide range of cleaners and disinfectants.
  • The PETG plastic hospital bassinet tub has 4 times greater impact resistance than acrylic tubs. The softer design of the hospital bassinet tub enhances the aesthetic versus rectilinear designs.



  • M22-0020-K745 Walnut
  • M22-0020-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-0020-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-0020-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-0020-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-0020-K257 Bright White
  • M22-0021-K745 Walnut
  • M22-0021-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-0021-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-0021-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-0021-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-0021-K257 Bright White
  • M22-0022-K745 Walnut
  • M22-0022-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-0022-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-0022-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-0022-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-0022-K257 Bright White
  • M22-0023-K745 Walnut
  • M22-0023-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-0023-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-0023-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-0023-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-0023-K257 Bright White
  • M22-1020-K745 Walnut
  • M22-1020-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-1020-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-1020-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-1020-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-1020-K257 Bright White
  • M22-1021-K745 Walnut
  • M22-1021-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-1021-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-1021-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-1021-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-1021-K257 Bright White
  • M22-1022-K745 Walnut
  • M22-1022-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-1022-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-1022-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-1022-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-1022-K257 Bright White
  • M22-1023-K745 Walnut
  • M22-1023-K050 Natural Maple
  • M22-1023-K448 Honey Maple
  • M22-1023-K212 Summer Flame
  • M22-1023-K237 Eiderdown
  • M22-1023-K257 Bright White
bassinet is compliant with FDA labeling requirements

Meets 2017 FDA Labeling requirement

An optional chart holder can be added to the end of the bassinet

Optional Chart Holder

the bassinet has an optional pull-out chart board writing surface.

Optional pull-out Chart Board

The bassinet serial number is located on the right side of the top drawer

Serial number location

the bassinet tub can be adjusted for procedures require Trendelenberg positioning

Trendelenberg positioning

Guardian Bassinets have a convex base design so that nurses don't hit their shins while moving the bassinet

Shin-saver base design

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