MedViron 39″ Overbed Table

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Width: 39” / 1 m
Depth: 19” (48.3cm)
Surface height: 27.5” to 43.75” (70 cm to 1.11 m)
Base height: 2.1” / 5.3 cm
Shelf dimensions: 4.5in W x 16.5in D x 1.5in H
Weight: 57lbs / 26 kg
Working weight capacity: 25lbs / 11.3 kg
Maximum weight capacity: 100lbs / 136 kg


5 year gas spring warranty.
Limited lifetime warranty for other components.

Case Study
Case Study - 32" Overbed Tables
Technical Article: MedViron Overbed Tables (PDF)

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  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. Ships fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Easily adjustable, height adjustment lever is used only for lowering table height.
  • Spill containment area retains 40oz or 1.2 l of liquid.
  • Column thickness up to twice a thick as our competitors for added stability.
  • X-base designed for maximum stability has a super low profile and can be used with 5th wheel beds.
  • Dual casters provide smooth motion and mobility.
  • Top has eased edge for patient comfort.
  • The tables are non-handed, can be used on either side of the bed.


  • Cupholders
  • Vanity Mirror
  • Dual Spill Containment Top


  • 5 year gas spring warranty.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for other components.


MedViron’s patented column offers superior strength, stability, and smooth height adjustment. The column has been tested for 10,000 cycles with no effect on performance. 5-year gas spring warranty. Top surface is thermofilmed with KYDEX® giving it superior impact strength. Storage shelf made with KYDEX® giving it
superior durability.


MedViron Overbed Tables have seamless tops. Shelf is removable for easy cleaning and makes the interior of the storage area completely accessible for environmental services. The table top is supported underneath with a plate which can be easily wiped down.


The angle of the patented shelf is designed for easy retrieval of items. The activation lever is conveniently located for patient and caregiver and is used only when lowering the table’s height. Dual casters provide smooth, quiet motion and nearly effortless mobility. The base has low a profile to fit under 5th wheel beds. The spill containment area can retain 40oz of liquid. Ships fully assembled in 100% recyclable packaging.

39 inches is approximately 1 meter in width.

Manufactured in the USA.


  • Z15-3000-K745 Walnut
  • Z15-3000-K050 Natural Maple
  • Z15-3000-K448 Honey Maple
  • Z15-3000-K212 Summer Flame
  • Z15-3000-K237 Eiderdown
  • Z15-3000-K257 Bright White
    • Z615-3000-K745 Walnut
    • Z615-3000-K050 Natural Maple
    • Z615-3000-K448 Honey Maple
    • Z615-3000-K212 Summer Flame
    • Z615-3000-K237 Eiderdown
    • Z615-3000-K257 Bright White
    • Z15-3001-K745 Walnut
    • Z15-3001-K050 Natural Maple
    • Z15-3001-K448 Honey Maple
    • Z15-3001-K212 Summer Flame
    • Z15-3001-K237 Eiderdown
    • Z15-3001-K257 Bright White
    • Z15-3101-K745 Walnut
    • Z15-3101-K050 Natural Maple
    • Z15-3101-K448 Honey Maple
    • Z15-3101-K212 Summer Flame
    • Z15-3101-K237 Eiderdown
    • Z15-3101-K257 Bright White
    • Z15-3111-K745 Walnut
    • Z15-3111-K050 Natural Maple
    • Z15-3111-K448 Honey Maple
    • Z15-3111-K212 Summer Flame
    • Z15-3111-K237 Eiderdown
    • Z15-3111-K257 Bright White